Writing Outcomes

In essence Strong and Weak outcomes belong to the player who played the final card. Uncertain outcomes belong to the narrator.
Please keep in mind that even the Strong and Weak outcomes must be woven into the narrative. Look to the guidance given by the Esteemed Narrator on the challenge card for hints on how to help propel the narrative forward in accordance with the prepared plot.
This is why it is important to read the challenge card and its possible outcomes before writing.
Please, no claim jumping by writing an outcome you are not entitled to write. This sows discontent and discord please be mindful of this and allow your fellow players the awards of their play.

Players contribute action & description towards an open ended outcome based on the cards they played on the challenge, but they must not resolve the challenge it if they did not play the final point on the card.  Leave room for the Player or Narrator to write the final resolution.

There are some exceptions…

Occasionally the Narrator may reserve writing challenge outcomes to themselves in cases where particular information is to be delivered to further the game or other odd circumstances require it. This convention will not be over-used and will be clearly specified on the challenge card outcome..

Some challenges may have a different outcome for each Character, in this case each character writes their own outcome based on the strength of their own cards played. This should be apparent from the nature of the challenge.


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