Character Creation

These are tips about creating a new Character for submission to play a Storium game Narrated by one of us:

Getting Started

Read the story description carefully. If the story is public, read the story so far. This will help inform your character creation and may include specific instructions from the Narrator.

Read other characters that have already been accepted and look for opportunities to add variety, be different, and/or to build relationships with other characters. They will also give you an idea of the level of completeness and detail that the Narrator is looking for.

Write a character you will enjoy playing. You are going to be in their shoes a lot.

Write a character that is not you. Fiction is an opportunity to step out and be someone or something different.

Selecting Cards

The cards selected are an important part of your character creation. Remember you will have to PLAY these cards out in moves during the story so be thoughtful. Leave yourself some room and open ends to negotiate.

Avoid choosing contradictory strength and weakness cards (e.g. the Character can’t be both poor for a weakness and rich as a strength.

Choose a real weakness, not a strength stated another way. Choose an unexpected or unusual weakness. Character’s flaws make them interesting. They provide fodder for drama and conflict or comedy in the story.

You can edit the Narrator’s example cards or create new cards as part of your character development within what ever boundaries are specified in the game description and on the cards themselves.

You can add images to cards provided by the Narrator or to cards you create to make them your own.

Character Sketch

The character sketch should address any specific directions, requirements, or instructions in the game write up. Please read carefully.

Your Character sketch must address all the cards you chose.

Your bio should also include something about how the character looks, their age, background, etc. There should be enough, but not too much here. Leave room for development in the course of the story line.

If your character has a secret or things about them the other characters won’t know, but the Narrator needs to know, please do include it in the sketch! Players will observe separation of information in Player and Character realities.

Character Review

The Narrator will review your cards and character sketch and may request revisions to them if…

  • They feel there is an imbalance.
  • Some aspect of the character won’t work in the story.
  • They feel you could push further and take more risks creating a more interesting character.

Not all Characters submitted will be accepted. Each Storium game will accommodate a limited number of players and sometimes a story is looking for a particular character assortment to play well.

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