The number of challenge points a Narrator can offer and the number of cards Players can play on those challenges in each scene is limited.

The Narrator can offer anywhere from zero to 3x the number of players in challenge points per scene. Once the challenge points are set, they cannot be changed for the scene.

  • Challenges can and may be added during the scene as long as the total number of challenge points available has not been consumed.

Each player can play 3 cards per Scene.

  • Only 1 of these three cards can be a Sub-Plot of Goal card in each scene

  • You can play any number of cards up to your maximum on a single move or spread your cards across multiple moves.

  • It is possible that in some scenes you may not have 3 cards available to play if you have just used the last of your strength / weakness cards and have not been through a scene change to gain a card refresh yet. If this is the case, let the Narrator know of your situation so that scenes can be closed out appropriately.

Read more about Making Moves with cards and Writing Outcomes based on cards played.

More flexible game mechanics may advent in this area in the future. There are many outstanding requests related to this from users being considered by the Storium creators.


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