Card Images

There are quite a few opportunities to add images to cards to Storium in the course of play. Mostly Players get to do this at Character creation time.
Unfortunately once a card is in play, neither the Player nor the Narrator can edit it (at the moment). But as you create new wild cards you will be able to add images. You can also edit the image of your character any time.
Posted images can and should be attributed appropriately on Storium.
Technically all images posted should be either wholly owned by you (original image) or be licensed under Creative Commons. Here is a Storium forum post on Creative Commons, attribution, and how it works. It is worth reading down into the discussion on this as there is more info provided.
The Esteemed Narrator is not going to police or enforce these policies. Our story will never be to published or make money on it so the risks are very low. If anyone ever says ‘you have to delete that image’ then we trust Storium will allow us to do that and we won’t mind doing it. And still, you should know about this stuff and do it right if at all possible.

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