What is Storium?

Storium.com by Protagonist Labs
“Storium is the online game that lets you and your friends tell stories together and play in imaginary worlds of your own creation.”
We are big fans!
At the moment, Storium is in Beta test.  (@Avalon read somewhere that there is a substantial software release coming up in November 2014, but it could just be a rumor.)
There is an explanatory video you can watch on the home page.
At the time of this writing, you can get access to Storium.com for a direct crowd funding donation of $10. The Kick-Starter campaign is over, but direct donation & rewards are still available. Click the PLAY NOW button on the home page.  There are also other donation and membership levels. You can upgrade your level even after donating the initial $10.  Players can come in for free if invited by a Narrator, but it is totally worth the $10 to get full access as a Narrator.
This is a lovely blog post from the Lead Designer & Head Writer about what he hopes Storium will become.
There are open games looking for players, or you can start a game and invite your friends.
This ourstorium web site is intended to be supplementary materials and has been developed in partnership by two Narrators and Players for our Stories.
Game mechanics may change on Storium and we’ll try to catch up on our advice and instructions here as things develop.
We also encourage participating on the Storium forums, feature suggestions, and of course Playing.
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