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We want you to know a little bit about each of us so you know who you are playing with. We believe in developing long term relationships with co-creators. We invite you to ‘Favorite’ us on Storium if you like what you are reading on this site or enjoy playing with us. We invite you to get to know us better by reading our bios on Storium and also read how we actually Narrate and Play in publicly available games.
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@avalon – Storium Profile

 Game Role        Status Lillith’s Notes
Quest on Temple Isle – a D&D style fantasy game  Narrator  Ended / Private This was my 1st experimental story as a Narrator designed to allow us to understand game mechanics. There was a lot of learning from this game. Some of us fell in love with Storium in the process. A lot of the material and information on this ourstorium web site came out of this learning experience. Gratitude to all the players who participated in the experiment.
Quest on Temple Isle  Narrator  Rebooting / Public  Some of the original players want to continue the story so I am in the process of rebooting this including summarizing and gently re-writing the story to date. This will be open to new character submissions in the not too far distant future. (LRA 7/20/14)
 Traveller: Misjump!  Osiror  Ongoing / Public  Really enjoying playing an alien creature in the Traveller Universe. Good examples between Osiror & Doc Gore of the early stages of writing for other characters.
 Traveller: Beltstrike!  Captain Cassidy Rydell Ongoing / Public Writing for others is all the way to the edge of the envelope here!
Writing the story and adding new characters as we go.
 Masquerade  Eleanor LaRue Ongoing / Public I feel like I have taken some real risks in how I play this character. I find this story very interesting. There are good examples of ‘writing for others’ happening in some my moves here. Update 8/24/2014: This story is progressing and developing in very interesting ways. Some erotic writing content in this story.

Loup-de-Lou Valentine @valloup – Storium Profile

 Game Role   Status Loup’s Notes
Traveller: Beltstrike!  Narrator Ongoing / Public This is my first Storium Narration. I’ve introduced a couple of experimental card types. The first is a goal card that specifically allows the player to write for another character. I broke this idea into two sub types flash backs for past tense writing that ties the bonds of a ships crew and a present tense card focusing on writing another character as coming to the aid of the card player’s character. So far so good with those.  Another experiment I’ve started playing with is an asset card that plays like a subplot. Once you’ve played the stack out and thoroughly integrated your quest for the asset into the narrative you receive the asset. I’ll report later on how this last experiment plays out.
Traveller: Misjump!  Doc Gore  Ongoing  This is my attempt to play a stodgy old aristocrat down on his luck and forced to work with the riffraff at the edge of the known galaxy.
Quest on Temple Isle  Jengwei Rebooting  Jengwei is a throw back to the days when the only games I played were high fantasy and the only characters Rangers. Lots of fun.
You probably noticed that we like to play together! We also like to play with others, and our respective band widths for play on Storium (and elsewhere) vary.
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