First Time Narration

If you are starting up a story with a new people, your friends, or just players new to Storium, you may want to read over the materials we’ve accumulated on this site because we’ve been down that road a few times already and had some learning from it.
  • Storium is not RPG and that is the gaming experience a lot of people will come into it with.
  • Storium has some interesting game mechanics not quite like anything you’ve played before.
  • The Narrator and Players have to really love the act and practice of Writing and be excited about story telling for stories to succeed.
  • Frequency of play can really affect enjoyment level for everyone in a story. This is something you are going to have to coach and manage as a Narrator.
You may decide to handle things differently than we did, but this stuff is all really worth thinking about and being aware of.
Be ready for your first story Narrator attempt to flop and for some players to exit, possibly ungracefully. I recommend treating your first story out as an experiment rather than choose a topic or world you are really super attached to. Be prepared to re-boot it and try again.
You may want to try playing, read the forums, and read some of the public stories before getting going as a Narrator. You can learn a lot and potentially avoid some pain that way.
Past that, dig in! Give it a try.  We did.  It has been a very interesting ride with some real enjoyment and rewards. Lots more evolution to come as we build networks of committed talented players and the game mechanics capabilities shift to incorporate things players have suggested.

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