Writing for Other Characters

This is where you will find some of the biggest differences in Narrator approach and Player comfort levels in the universe of possible ways to play Storium. 

We fall pretty far out to one end of the spectrum when it comes to whether or not it is ok to write for other players.
We not only believe that it is ok, but encourage writing for other Characters (and non-player characters too).
We believe that they keys to conscientious secondary authoring are:
  • Give and Gain Consent
  • Write with Respect
  • Create Open Ended Situations
We invite you, nay entreat you, to explicitly Grant Permission to the Narrator and other Players to write for your character.
This doesn’t mean that they can’t do it without your permission. They will. We will. Be ready to be ok with that.
If you can step out on a limb and actually give permission, wow, what a ride!
Writing for other characters is some of the deeper play. It won’t happen on the first move. It may take a few of scenes to get into the swing of it. You have to get to know the Characters, understand their temperment and style. Be able to put yourself in their shoes.

It is also important to build relationship with the other Player in order to write for their character.

Start small and build trust – write small reactions and totally reasonable interactions like ‘he pulls out the chair for her’, ‘she nods in assent’ and so forth. Remember you are the secondary author so always leave the big actions and life changing determinations for the Character to their primary author.
Secondary authors add color, build interactive relationships between primary & secondary characters being written, and including the other character more fully in their move helps with continuity and integration of all the writing.
Secondary authors write harmony to the primary authors melody.
Be subtle, be gentle. Writing for someone else’s character is pretty intimate. Remember that when you write.
Check-in. Ask yourself how would you feel if someone wrote this way for your character?
We know.
It’s risky.
It’s scary.
The rewards can be rich and surprising.
We invite you to join us on our quest for truly, fully, collaborative story telling based in a place of trust in your fellow players and the power of the creative process.
How can you justify someone else writing for my character?
Here is one way to think about it. We all struggle with hard to control urges, flashes of insight and unintentional actions for good and ill. Part of the human condition is dealing with the fact that we are not in perfect control of our thoughts, intentions or even our actions 100% of the time and often act out of character with who we like to think we are. This can be the source of both profound inspiration and profound embarrassment. Our characters are no different. When somebody writes for your character and you find yourself in disagreement with the content please consider this as a possible reason and try to run with it before asking for a revision.
On another hand, we fall into habits and patterns. Ways of speaking and acting that are both uniquely ours and predictable to people who know us well. So do our characters. Once these things can be identified they can be written by anyone and the character is still intact and believable.

One Thought on “Writing for Other Characters

  1. Eve on 02/26/2015 at 12:47 AM said:

    While in general, I’m cool with this, at least with people who know me well, I’m curious where you draw the line between co-creating a character with another writer, and Godmoding.

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