This is the extended play version of the Player Agreement Letter which further elucidates the agreement and reflects our philosophy as players and Narrators…

We understand and rejoice in the fact that writing for Storium is a group collaborative effort. We are stretching ourselves creatively, taking risks, and investing time and energy to create something together. We recognize that we may have different goals and purposes for participating, but we are richer, learn more, and enjoy more by doing this together.

We are here to challenge and inspire each other to reach the best level of excellence in writing and playing that each of us can achieve and to enjoy and learn form reading each other’s creative efforts.

We agree to participate for the enjoyment of all and will always strive to act in a collaborative manner, with maturity, patience, and courtesy, especially when things get hard. We are here to have fun. Sometimes the opportunity to have sophisticated deeper levels of fun requires the investment of some time, thought, and heart and we agree that we are willing to go through this evolution together.

The rule of the house is, “Say Yes and”. In improvisational writing, like theater improv, everything is better and more interesting if we Say Yes to whatever happens, then flex and roll with what was written by someone else. The heart of collaboration is in interpretation and then letting go. Accept what the next creator has added to the narrative. Be inspired by it to react creatively. We will be challenged. We will be surprised. It will not go the way we think it will.

We agree to be fearless and embrace weak and uncertain challenge outcomes. We agree that fiction is the place to take risks. Characters are more interesting when they are not perfect. A good story has setbacks for the characters and failures in their efforts in it that we figure out how to overcome creatively later.

(Further reading forum post: Don’t be Afraid of Weak Outcomes)

We agree that we are playing Storium to collaborate and create, not to compete.

Further, we are playing a storytelling game, not producing a polished edited novel for publication. Contradiction, explanation, dissection, editing and negotiation is not interesting. It is not fun. We agree not to do those things.

We agree not to sweat the small stuff. We agree to just Say YES, and keep writing.

The Esteemed Narrator shall be responsible to resolve all lingering issues that are worthy of attention and reconciliation during or at the conclusion of the scene. The rest shall float away without remark.

We agree to do your utmost to be fully informed, to read and understand and follow instructions provided. This includes but is not limited to…

  • Reading and understanding the Storium provided help files.
  • Opening and reading the cards posted by the Narrator and the Players.
  • Reading and reacting to comments and moves written by other players.
  • Reading informational links and topical forum posts as the Narrator may point you to including links in this document.
  • Sharing tips and knowledge about game mechanics with each other.

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