Storium provides us with an uneditable, unretractable comment chain in the right bar of the story.  There are things that this comment area is good for, and things that it isn’t.  It is valuable to consider what channel will be most effective to communicate in. We have many options.

The comment sidebar is good for…

  • Brief positive statements of a few words.
  • Complements to other Player or Narrator – appreciation is important!
  • A brief note about your availability.
  • Quick questions about the scene to the Narrator.
  • Notes about your available cards on the scene- how many left, all used up, etc.
  • Coordinating move order or how you plan to address challenges with other Players.
  • Things it is ok for story readers to see (in public stories)

The comment sidebar is not good for…

  • More than a couple of sentences of text at a time. – it does not observe hard returns or spacing so you end up with walls’o’text.
  • Discussions.
  • Complaints or concerns.

Off Storium Communications

Until Storium offers us some more robust functionality, we’ll utilize off storium communications to supplement the comments.
Typically the Esteemed Narrator will provide an additional offline forum private to the group of Players such as an FB group or Google Group where we can undertake discussions. Other resources that may be needed by a particular game such as maps will also appear in these offline groups.
Direct contact with the Narrator or other Players via email, skype, FB or what have you are encouraged for the purpose of conspiring to create, coordinating efforts, and networking and making friends.
Any complaint or concern should be addressed to the Narrator directly offline via email.

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