Agreement Letter

We as Esteemed Narrators of stories on are committed players and story-tellers.  We offer our time and energy to be the Game Master for the benefit of all players. 
By submitting a Character to the story you as a Player understand and agree to these things:
We agree to study and come to understand through experience the mechanics of Storium’s card driven play. While this system is a beta test environment we can only give meaningful feedback to the developers once we have attempted, through extensive play, to work with the rules as designed.
We understand that we are playing a storytelling game, not a table top RPG, nor producing a polished edited novel for publication. Things will get messy. We agree that such stumbling blocks can and will be resolved by the Narrator
We agree that we are participating together for the enjoyment of all, that we will strive to always act in a collaborative manner, with maturity, patience, and courtesy. Particularly when things get difficult.
We agree that we are here to cooperate and collaborate, not to compete.
We understand that this is a commitment of time and agree to check in on Storium at least once a day to help maintain the necessary situational awareness of the story and further agree to move at least once every two or three days. Please also read the Time Commitment page which is considered incorporated into this understanding and agreement. 
We understand that the rule of this house is, “Say Yes and”. In improvisational writing, like theater improv, everything is better and more interesting if we Say Yes to whatever happens before and consider it causal to our own writing.
You understand and agree that you are the primary author for your character and that the other players are secondary authors for your character. Similarly you are a secondary author for their characters. As long as a move which includes writing for another Character is respectful and an attempt is made to remain consistent with the Primary author’s style and intention we agree to work with it as grist for our own creative mills.
So say we all.
Still with us? You might like to read the long version of this on our Philosophy page and explore the rest of the site.

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