We are committed players and story tellers. This is just our take on this stuff. We are still learning, practicing, and evolving. We want to do that with like minded folks who enjoy this process and play as much as we do.
This documentation and its contents arise from experience and lessons learned by actually playing Storium in both Narrator and Player roles. Everything that is on this site is here because we have encountered it as a question or issue in the course of playing. Storium is not quite like anything we have played before so there is a lot to learn, experience, and reflect on.
The primary purpose of this site is to reach Agreement and Understanding with Players before we embark upon a story telling adventure together.
The secondary purpose is to document our ‘best practices’, share our understanding of game mechanics, and be transparent in our approach.
This document is not intended to substitute for or replace anything on Storium.com. This is our supplementary material and personal practice. We also participate in the forums on Storium and contribute to the improvement requests. We encourage you to do the same.
We recommend that you start with the Agreement Letter that we ask all our Players to read and agree to before submitting a Character, and if you find it tasty and agreeable, expand into further reading from there.
If you are playing with either of us as Narrators, we may reference you to this documentation as need arises.
We thank you for taking the time to read this and play with us,
Loup-de-Lou Valentine (@valloup)